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Pseudo-Entanglement Evaluated in Noninertial Frames

Hossein Mehri-Dehnavi, Behrouz Mirza, Hosein Mohammadzadeh and Robabeh Rahimi


We study quantum discord, in addition to entanglement, of bipartite pseudo-entanglement in noninertial frames. It is shown that the entanglement degrades from its maximum value in a stationary frame to a minimum value in an infinite accelerating frame. There is a critical region found in which, for particular cases, entanglement of states vanishes for certain accelerations. The quantum discord of pseudo-entanglement decreases by increasing the acceleration. Also, for a physically inaccessible region, entanglement and nonclassical correlation are evaluated and shown to match the corresponding values of the physically accessible region for an infinite acceleration.

Annals of Physics j.aop

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